Andorra artist's proof stamp Andorra artist's proof stamp

French Polynesia Artist's Proofs

Artist's proofs of approximately 160 stamps from French Polynesia were produced during the period 1960-99. This resulted in about 960 different color artist's proofs (160 x 6) and about 4,160 total artist's proofs (160 x 26). The gallery shows 150 artist's proofs from French Polynesia.

French Polynesia produced relatively few engraved stamps compared to the two other French Pacific Islands, New Caledonia and Wallis & Futuna, preferring more colorful offset and heliogravure stamps. However, most of the engraved stamps that it did produce were of high quality. Particularly notable are the eight souvenir sheets produced between 1984 and 1991 to commemorate the international philatelic exhibition held during the year.

The main engravers of French Polynesia stamps during the period 1960-99 were:

The highlights for the period 1970-99 include: