Wallis & Futuna artist's proof stamp Wallis & Futuna artist's proof stamp

Wallis and Futuna Artist's Proofs

Artist's proofs of approximately 130 Wallis & Futuna stamps issued during 1960-99 were produced. There were 780 different color proofs produced (130 x 6) and 3,380 total proofs (130 x 26). Photos of almost 250 Wallis & Futuna artist's proofs are shown.

Wallis and Futuna had an extremely high quality stamp program in the 1970s, 1980s, and 1990s. Of particular note are 35 stylized portraits of famous people produced between 1973 and 1996:

Wallis also issued three very attractive stamps in 1992 to commemorate philatelic exhibitions. The two engraved by Andréotto feature stamps on stamps.