Andorra artist's proof stamp Andorra artist's proof stamp

Europa Artist's Proofs from France and Andorra

This gallery shows more than 250 Europa artist's proofs from France and Andorra, as well as 26 Europa collective deluxe proofs.

Approximately 60 Europa stamps were issued by France between 1957 and 1998, and about 45 of these stamps were engraved. There are thus about 270 (45 x 6) different color artist's proofs of engraved French Europa stamps and 1,200 (45 x 26) total proofs. In addition, there are artist's proofs of several "negative" dies and of the engraved versions of some héliogravure Europa stamps produced for Official Documents. Images of over 160 French Europa artist's proofs are shown.

Slightly more than 50 Europa stamps were issued by Andorra between 1966 and 1992. Artist's proofs of 39 of these were produced. (Artist's proofs were not produced for the Europa stamps that were not engraved and, for the two-value common design sets, an artist's proof was only produced for one of the values.) There are thus 234 different color Andorra Europa artist's proofs (39 x 6) and 702 total Europa artist's proofs in all colors. Images of over 100 Andorra Europa artist's proofs are shown. In addition, several "negative" artist's proofs were produced and 5 of these are pictured.